Vinca civilization and Lepenski vir culture

Inspiration in this series of paintings is based on an ancient European cultures – Vinca civilization and Lepenski Vir culture which come all the way from Neolithic time. The remains of these civilizations were found on territory of Serbia (although it was spread all over the Balkans). It is believed that Vinca civilization is the oldest in Europe. Vinca culture had the prototype writing, which, has a lot of similarities when compared to Cyrillic alphabet. The people of Vinca and Lepenski Vir had a great knowledge of mathematics and architecture, and their lifestyle made them very close to arts.

But most of all, it is their simple life philosophy that’s inspiring, and it is something that is quite often forgotten about…

That everyone and everything goes around the sun!

Not much is known about these civilizations, and it is what inspired Isidora to research and develop her own vision of them through her art.

About Isidora Ivanovic

In Isidora's art, the figure is not the only symbol, but the whole painting is a symbol, together with the background which spreads out of the physical frame of the painting. Isidora's complete art represents a symbol... Value of her art lies in a masterfully connected matter and spirit, ideas and emotion, facts and fantasies. In her paintings Isidora lives her fairy tale. Is it perhaps also ours? (from the text by Marina Cvetanovic, art historian)