“For faith and fatheland” drawings

Project „For faith and fatherland! Life stories in World War I, 1914-1918“,  represents  Isidora Ivanovic’s modern vision, which shows the emotional experience of the First World War, focused on understanding the feeling of patriotism, courage, pride and willingness to fight for themselves and their people, for freedom, faith, moral and cultural values .  Isidora Ivanovic presents feminine side of the war- wives, mothers and children, as heroes who fight through war in pain and suffering knowing of their lost husbands, brothers, sons, fathers and represent a symbol of memory for the victims of the Great War, but at the same time a symbol of hope and faith.

About Isidora Ivanovic

In Isidora's art, the figure is not the only symbol, but the whole painting is a symbol, together with the background which spreads out of the physical frame of the painting. Isidora's complete art represents a symbol... Value of her art lies in a masterfully connected matter and spirit, ideas and emotion, facts and fantasies. In her paintings Isidora lives her fairy tale. Is it perhaps also ours? (from the text by Marina Cvetanovic, art historian)