Art Association DIV

Art Association Diversus Visum DIV, was founded by Isidora in 2010. DIV’s main purpose is popularization of art and education of population, especially kids. Art studio of the association has everyday life where acknowledged young artists create their artwork.

Among them you can find:  Isidora Ivanovic, Maja Jovanovic Majolinica, Filip Dapcevic, Marina Crnomarkovic, Maja Djurovic, Tanja Benderac-Vucicevic and others. Art Association DIV is a member of SOHO BG organization, whose goal is to gather different artists on one place where they can create art and exchange their experience.

Through joint projects, exchange of experience with domestic and foreign artists, and through cooperation with different kinds of organizations, DIV wants to help young artists in Serbia and abroad to express themselves freely and present their art all around the world.

About Isidora Ivanovic

In Isidora's art, the figure is not the only symbol, but the whole painting is a symbol, together with the background which spreads out of the physical frame of the painting. Isidora's complete art represents a symbol... Value of her art lies in a masterfully connected matter and spirit, ideas and emotion, facts and fantasies. In her paintings Isidora lives her fairy tale. Is it perhaps also ours? (from the text by Marina Cvetanovic, art historian)