Isidora Ivanovic

Isidora was born in 1983 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Since 1991 lives in Moscow. In 2004 she graduates and gets her master’s degree from Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, after which she returns to her native land Serbia, where she lives today.

She exhibited her artwork on more than 30 exhibitions in USA, Russia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia.

She is active in different kinds of public artwork (sculptures, art projects etc.)

From 2005- 2007, together with team of  Russian artists, she is painting Serbian Orthodox Church in Zagreb (Croatia). In august of  2007, after decision and blessing of  Mitropolit of Zagreb, Ljubljana and hole Italy she was honored with a medal of second order of  Kantakuzina Katarina Brankovic for special services to Serbian Orthodox Church, Zagreb-Ljubljana Mitropoly.

In 2008 she was the winner of Russian national Academy of Arts Award.

She is the winner of Special recognition for contributions to Art Fest @ Doral, Miami, Florida, USA. 2012

She is the winner of Special Appreciation for contribution and promotion of arts among cultures of Carlos Albizu University, Miami, Florida, USA. 2012

She is the winner of Special Appreciation for contribution to Serbian Art on “Color of Serbia” exhibition in Moscow, Russia 2013.

She is the founder of Art Association “Diversus Visum – DIV”, in which she achieves numerous art projects.

She is a member of SOHO BG group.

Her artwork is presented by galleries in USA, Russia, Serbia.

Her works are also presented in private collections in Germany, USA, Norway, Austria, Switzerland Georgia, Russia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia.

Besides the studio in Belgrade where she lives and works, she has studios (painting and sculpture) in Miami, USA, and in Moscow, Russia, where she periodically works.

About Isidora Ivanovic

In Isidora's art, the figure is not the only symbol, but the whole painting is a symbol, together with the background which spreads out of the physical frame of the painting. Isidora's complete art represents a symbol... Value of her art lies in a masterfully connected matter and spirit, ideas and emotion, facts and fantasies. In her paintings Isidora lives her fairy tale. Is it perhaps also ours? (from the text by Marina Cvetanovic, art historian)