About the artist

…This communication the painter makes through very confident artistic character: expressive drawing, rich chromatic palette, accented texture and very often turbulent composition. There is one artistic world in front of us which is still in it’s growth, but in it’s main characteristics already definite and defined. (Dr. Philosophy Sasha Radojcic)

…Isidora Ivanovic – a talented young artist, who is directing her painting into transforming deep traditions of realistic art into new methods of plastic expression which is characteristic for modern vision. (Aleksey Nikolayevich Soukhoveckiy)

…Poetic world of Isidora’s paintings shine with warm and rich, sunny color and especially with a gentle art matter which defines fantastic connection of bridge and guardian angel who stands above him. Isidora’s paintings are like a picture of dream which takes us to another time, where we stand in front of the fresco bathed in warm rays of sunset. Her palette is so gold and vibrant, like an echo of medieval art. (Biljana Vukovic)

…Isidora has a great feeling for color, her compositions are always sharp, strong and interesting. At her present works one can sense a loud sound of Serbian national theme like a natural continuance of her compositions from youth… (Yuliya Germanovna Soukhoveckaya)

About Isidora Ivanovic

In Isidora's art, the figure is not the only symbol, but the whole painting is a symbol, together with the background which spreads out of the physical frame of the painting. Isidora's complete art represents a symbol... Value of her art lies in a masterfully connected matter and spirit, ideas and emotion, facts and fantasies. In her paintings Isidora lives her fairy tale. Is it perhaps also ours? (from the text by Marina Cvetanovic, art historian)